The God Damn Kaiser – 1903 – Arctic

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June 1903

“Welcome to Thulehaven, Vizeadmiral, the Gibraltar of the Arctic,” said the Konteradmiral as he saluted the newly debarked Vizeadmiral. The Vizeadmiral’s deputy and commander of the Arctic Squadron, one of the three constituent parts of Marinestation der Arctic had been waiting for him at pierside.

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Being The Goddamn Kaiser – 4 – Navy I

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1888 –

We won’t be splitting up the German Admiralty into the silly three(later four) parts that happened OTL, no Imperial Naval Staff, Imperial Naval Office, and Imperial Admiralty Staff . I am going to push for a Cabinet level Secretary of the Navy, and under him a professional Head of the Navy(First Sea Lord), who isn’t going to be me. I am not going to have a special naval cabinet for my ego. Instead, we are going to reorganize the German Navy along the lines of the British and later US Navies. First, we need our equivalent of First Sea Lord/ Chief of Naval Operations.

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